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As a due diligence professional, CapitalDiligence, LLC® offers capital markets and mortgage industries a high degree of expertise. We help your organization better understand your risk and investments through the following services:

TRID Pre/Post Closing Due Diligence

With the new TRID rules now in effect, disclosure burdens on lenders have increased. CapitalDiligence, LLC® can work with your organization to carry out pre or post closing due diligence. Our reports are fully tailored to your TRID needs.

Compliance Audits

We ensure your compliance with state and federal regulations including RESPA, Fair Lending and ECOA. As a member of the International Association of Risk and Compliance Professionals, and graduate of AllRegs Fair Lending Certificate Program, we are well equipped to identify and communicate your compliance responsibilities.

Loan File Review

Understand your legal compliance, collateral and performance history through our detailed analytics. Our loan file reviews ensure you stay up-to-date with all lending laws.

All Due Diligence Services

  • TRID Compliance
  • CFPB Compliance
  • Mortgage Loan Level Reviews
  • AML/BSA Investigation
  • Fraud/Forensic Reviews
  • FDIC Mortgage Loan Sale Reviews
  • Compliance Audits
  • Repurchase/Putback Reviews
  • Quality Control Reviews
  • Single Family and ADC Due Diligence
  • Scratch & Dent
  • Servicing, Pay History, Cash Flow, Collection Notes
  • Securitization Due Diligence
  • Loan Sale Advisory
  • Flow Underwriting
  • Pre-Close Compliance
  • Post-Close Compliance
  • Encompass New LOS Rollout Consulting
  • Consulting Services on Special Projects
  • Business Consulting
  • Project Management

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