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Randy was assigned to several of my jobs at Bohan. He was a great asset to have and I could always count on him to meet the demanding timelines and production numbers we had to meet. I would recommend Randy for any project that he is being considered for.

William (Bill) Gummesson,
Project Manager,
Bohan Group, LLC

Randy is a reliable and consistent mortgage professional who can be relied upon to get the job done.

Janis Adler,
Due Diligence Director,

Randy is a top-notch professional and works well under pressure. He has a great attitude and is very knowledgeable. Top qualities: personable, expert, and high integrity.

Adrienne Watson

Randy is a highly experienced and knowledgeable mortgage banking professional. He worked for me in a high stress environment on a large foreclosure review project with multiple conflicting priorities and aggressive production targets. Randy was a steadying influence for his team and others and could always be counted on to step up for any task or any colleague needing assistance. He displayed great judgment on both technical and personnel matters, and kept his sense of humor throughout. Randy is easy going, focused, professional and most importantly, respected by all his colleagues, subordinates and myself for his ability and knowledge, fairness, and willingness to take on any task needing attention. I would work with Randy again at any time and I know he will be a great addition to any organization.

Dana Bickford, BS, MBA

I met Randy several years ago; we always have deadlines, and very stressful assignments. He was one of the most talented and calm people I have ever worked with. Nothing ever seemed to frustrate him. He was always a true professional that could be counted on to do quality work no matter what was going on around him. I would recommend Randy to any organization.

Randy Clark,
Post-Closing Asset Manager, Resolutions and Receivership Specialist,

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